How can we help? 

At HeartLight, we know that changing the world begins with us. The ability to become a powerful force for good is within each and every one of us, but sometimes we need a little help breaking through the blocks that stand in our way.

A passion for service, inspired by the work of the great Mother Teresa, is at the heart of what we do. The powerful work of transformation begins with clear communication and strong interpersonal relationships. We know that when we listen, our souls guide us to a path of deep integrity and personal wellness.

While most of our service focuses on children and families, everyone can benefit from soul-centered treatments. We work to heal emotional and spiritual traumas and blockages. We use a variety of treatment methods, both conventional and alternative, including coaching, classes, workshops and individual sessions.

Sarah Green, our founder, has a background in therapeutic foster parenting and has worked for years as an intuitive life coach. She is also a trained Four Winds Shamanic practitioner, intuitive and healer, licensed in several treatment modalities. Pulling the best from each of these treatment approaches, she creates a customized plan for every client to help them find their best selves.

Find your power, uncover your gifts, own your future.