Sarah Green is a natural born healer. She is a gifted intuitive, as well as a shamanic practitioner. Sarah's innate empathic gifts include being able to locate the source of physical illness as well as following the roots of emotional imbalance to their beginnings, so that healing can occur on all levels. 

Sarah is a published essayist, writing mostly about her experiences as a foster and adoptive mom. Her family has provided care for both domestic and international refugee foster children of a variety of ages since 2010.

In her private practice, Sarah developed the Indigo Aztec Method, an energy medicine technique specifically designed for children. This led her to publish a children's workbook, "Heal Your Feelings", giving children tools to empower themselves to heal their own emotional blocks and upsets.

She is also a speaker and teacher, using her life experiences to motivate and inspire others to live fully and completely. Sarah is the president and co-founder of SwitchLife, Inc., a nonprofit that provides free skateboarding lessons alongside goal-setting and personal responsibility curriculum for at-risk youth.

At home in Fort Worth, Texas, Sarah enjoys mothering her four children, spending time in the kitchen, and a variety of handcrafts. She is passionate about travel and a vocal advocate for global children's rights.