"Sarah was able to focus on the core of the problem and get to the issue right away. My anxiety is gone, and I have awesome tools to deal with whatever comes in the future." - S, a life coaching client

"Sarah has helped me progress further than any of the traditional professionals I've been working with, and in an amazing amount of time. Not only have my physical problems healed, but I am stronger and stand more in my power than ever before." - K.S.O., client

"In the short time I have known Sarah, I have come to admire and respect Sarah's passion and genuine love for foster care and adoption. As an experienced foster and adoptive parent, Sarah has gained extensive knowledge for children who have experienced trauma and abuse. Sarah has a heartfelt desire to share her knowledge with parents who are struggling to connect with their children. Sarah is wonderful at seeing through to the whole child behind the mask of their behavior. Sarah will address the needs of your children with patience, compassion and consideration. Her multi-disciplinary approach will be effective in teaching/coaching parents to build authentic relationships with their children, balance nurture and structure, and discipline effectively."-  C. Ussery, LMSW

"Sarah has done more for my daughter than another professional has done in years. She is amazingly gifted and has brought a peace to our family that has been missing for years."- Mother of an energy medicine client

"Sarah is able to overcome communication barriers and get to the root cause of children's dysfunction. She's not blinded by symptoms nor does she simply offer another bandaid. Rather, she works to flesh out the heart of the matter and helps children process through that core issue, allowing symptoms to resolve as a natural result."- A. Norris, foster/adoptive mother

"Sarah has given us creative solutions for our headstrong five year old. Her logical approach to our concerns has helped us with some tough situations. As a mom herself, Sarah has tried and true ideas that have worked and has helped this mommy so much!"- S. Herod, adoptive mother

"Over the years I've observed Sarah with several different children, helping them in the most positive way by guiding them to find themselves and better their lives. She strives to help kids reach their full potential even when they feel as though they can't. She doesn't give up.!"- H. Figeroa, licensed foster  care respite provider